January 4th’s Meeting of BNI4 Is Canceled!

Due to the winter storm scheduled to hit around midnight, and 3-6″ of snow and 35-45 MPH winds, the Leadership Team has canceled the meeting.

Please do not show up for the meeting. No one will be there.

Build business. Generate qualified leads. 
Strengthen relationships with your clients. 
And all before breakfast.


Welcome to BNI Chapter 4: The Business Builders

Can you imagine the potential impact of more than 30 accomplished professionals making it their business to sell and promote your business?

Now, imagine those same 30 diverse professionals also serving as a support group for you and your business: sharing their experiences, offering their ideas and eagerly making themselves available for collaboration.

You can do more than imagine it. You can reap all of these benefits and more as a member of Manhattan’s BNI Chapter 4 – the Business Builders Chapter.

As a hard-working professional living in New York City, you recognize that many of your greatest successes didn’t come from what you know, but who you know. At BNI Chapter 4, we take that concept quite seriously. Following the BNI philosophy of Givers Gain ®, our Business Builders Chapter is filled with cross-industry professionals who are ready and willing to support the growth of your business.

Ranked as one of the top producing BNI Chapters in the United States, BNI Chapter 4 promotes the benefits of the world’s largest referral network:

  • Increased qualified leads from your on-the-ground sales team
  • Instant access to BNI Chapters and Chapter Members worldwide
  • Improved public speaking and networking skills
  • Strategic partnerships with chapter members you know and trust
  • And most importantly, impactful business growth


Where we excel

At BNI, only one professional can hold a certain “seat” within each chapter. That means there is no competition within our networking group, only opportunity for collaboration.



Real Estate 

Residential real estate (buying, selling + rental) mortgage brokerage, real estate law, interior design, architect

Health + Wellness

Fitness consulting, personal chef, travel advising, psychotherapy, dentistry, ortho-bionomy/massage therapy, jeweler, concierge + lifestyle management



Legal + Finance 

Insurance (property + casualty; health + life), financial advising, law (business, personal injury, wills, trusts + estates), CPA, banking and legal benefits, business brokerage

Sales + Marketing

Marketing strategy + branding, promotional products, photography, computer networking + applications, large format digital printing