So after months of avoiding your colleague, you finally give in to this 7:00 a.m. networking group idea. Halfway on the train ride, you’ve told yourself at least half a dozen times, “what if I just pretend like my alarm clock didn’t go off and just go back home and crawl into bed?” But after contemplating back and forth, you just decide to push yourself to give this thing a try. Walking upstairs in to a dimly lit room in the center of Times Square, you’re greeted by smiling faces and friendly gestures. So far, so good you tell yourself!

Throughout the entire crowd, you finally find your friend and after being thanked for coming from several new faces, you make it your mission to attach yourself to their side (literally and figuratively speaking). Then a deep voice calls the meeting to order and everyone scurries to find their seats and fill up their empty plates with the warm and delicious breakfast buffet.

During the next 90 minutes, a series of emotions and thoughts fill your head. You realize that, this isn’t all that bad and actually start to feel yourself connected to this energetic group of individuals. But the real excitement comes from listening to the exchange of referrals back and forth and you start thinking to yourself, how you can pass some referrals to this same group of people?

This is a typical account of a first visit to Business Builders BNI Chapter 4!

Details of BNI4

Welcome to Business Builders BNI Chapter 4! A group of 30+ individuals who are focused on the successful growth of your business. Each member is carefully selected to become your ‘brand ambassador!’ What makes this group unique is that you’ll never have to compete with another member in the chapter. In fact, when you join the group, your industry is perpetually excluded from the group as long as you remain a member.

But don’t take it from our account, look at our numbers for yourselves: In 2014 we passed a total of XXX of referrals and surpassed over $XXX in closed business. Want to get in on the action? Come check us out and see for yourself what makes this group of professionals the best in the city!


It sounds cliché, but we believe it to be true…At Business Builders BNI 4, our associates are what makes this group of individuals the talk of the town. Check out our members for yourself to learn more about this fun-loving and energetic group of professionals who are industry leaders!


At Business Builders BNI Chapter 4, we’re making moves in the community. Check out some of the news and events we have going on and around your neighborhood. We’re lighting up the Tri-State!

What categories are in need

Are you in a profession that we don’t have listed above? Don’t worry…we’re accepting more than what’s on this list. Just RSVP for our next meeting and speak to our Rock-Star Membership Committee!


We know…you can’t contain the excitement anymore and want to see this group in action for yourself, right? Well we’d love to have you. Just complete the below RSVP form and we’ll have a member of our Welcoming Committee confirm your next visit!

Our Leadership

President:  Paul Donas (Ameriprise Financial)

Vice President:  Ellen Williams (Ellen Williams massage therapy)
Fred DaCosta (Legal Shield)

Secretary/Treasurer:  Jim Addy (L&J Promotional Products)

Membership Committee:

Kristin Palmeri (Palmeri Law PLLC)
Natasha Moskvina (Moskvina Law, PLLC)
Stephen Weiner (Law Office of Stephen H. Wiener)

Visitor Hosts:

Ravee Shrinivas (Shrinivas, Elliott & Eday LLP)
David GouldStone (Excel Realty Capital)
Jeff Singer (Segan, Nemerov & Singer, P.C.)
Tom Toy (TD Bank)

Education Coordinators:

Linda Rubin (L’s Kitchen)
Joshua Margolis (Mind Over Matter Health)
Diane Spear (Diane Spear Psychotherapy)
Claudine Struck (Unite International)

New Member Orientation:

Sam Rizzo (Emerging Solutions)