November is having a 1 to 1 with a member you haven’t met in October.

October 20


Michael J. Brathwaite has been the Executive Director for ManhattanBNI since its inception in 1996. Currently, ManhattanBNI has 52 chapters and over 1,500 members. Michael’s goal has been to create an environment which allows members to be their best. We do this by encouraging members to live the “Givers Gain” philosophy. In Thursday’s presentation, Michael will talk about some of the keys for members to grow in BNI and their career. If any of your colleagues are interested in finding out about BNI, this is the meeting to attend.

Open Networking Scheduled for September 29th.


Open Networking is scheduled for our September 29th meeting. This is your opportunity to get to know your fellow chapter members better, set up your 1-2-1s for the coming week, brainstorm ideas to increase each other’s businesses. This is Giver’s Gain in action. Who knows what new ideas will come out of the conversations you’ll have? This is like speed dating, only better.